Rocky Snyder

Rocky Snyder is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is a nationally recognized expert in human movement with nearly 30 years of professional experience and knowledge. Rocky has trained thousands of clients ranging from grandparents to professional athletes and Olympic champions. Aside from owning and operating his training studio in Santa Cruz, California, Rocky travels far and wide providing educational workshops to personal trainers, manual therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. He lives and surfs with his wife and two children in Aptos, California.
More About Rocky

Rocky has been a life long adventurer. Spending his childhood camping, hiking, cross country skiing, and white water canoeing throughout the northern New England wilderness. Climbing some of the nation’s highest peaks. Living a season in the back country of Yellowstone and free climbing among the Grand Tetons. Living in Santa Cruz, California for the past thirty years, Rocky has turned to snowboarding in the Sierras and Cascade mountain ranges, surfing around the Pacific Rim, and at the age of 50, prone paddling 29 miles across the cold, deep waters of the Monterey Bay. Twice.


Rocky is an international presenter and educator. Over the years he has spoken in front of thousands of health & fitness professionals. His highly sought after lectures and hands on presentations have been recorded and used for continuing education of personal trainers and manual therapists. Rocky has designed in-person and online workshops to teach his methodology of exercise program design to personal trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, and manual therapists around the globe.


Rocky is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and holds numerous certifications and licenses in the field of exercise science. With 27 years of professional experience as a personal trainer, he has fine tuned his craft and his level of knowledge has vastly expanded. He is more than a weight caddy who can count to ten. He is a master trainer with an almost innate ability at watching a body move and understanding how to train it to move with the highest level of efficiency and the least amount of pain and compensation.


Rocky is a devoted husband and father. He has been married for twenty years to the mother of his two children. He initiated the local chapter of the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program when his children were in grade school. He held the position of president for the schools’ Parents’ Club for several years helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the student’s and school’s benefit. Became a licensed soccer coach and spent twelve years chasing kids around the pitch. He and his wife have home schooled their kids for many years as well. When his daughter joined the high school football team he volunteered to be the strength & conditioning coach. Some of his greatest pleasure is derived from paddling out to the waves with the entire family by his side.


Rocky is a four time published author of best selling conditioning books. He penned Fit to Surf, the first ever strength & conditioning book for the world of surfing. That was followed by Fit to Paddle, and Fit to Ski & Snowboard. Blending his knowledge of movement with his passion for outdoor adventure came so naturally. His latest book, Return to Center: Strength Training to Realign the Body, Recover from Pain, and Achieve Optimal Performance, is the culmination of his pursuit of passion that is human movement. It is a scientific attempt to offer the world a better alternative to how we exercise. One that reduces the likelihood of chronic pain and suffering while enhancing human performance.

Return to Center

The movements we make when training or working out are often at the cost of what our bodies are truly capable of. If we are unable to access all of these natural movements in our body, what will the cost be to our bodies? Is the modern conventional way of training and exercising congruent with how our bodies need to move? Can we adjust our thinking so as to tailor our workout programs towards ensuring we can all have access to our whole joint system and be free of the shackles of movement limitation?

Speaking engagements

Rocky speaks frequently at health & fitness conferences, race expos, and medical fitness events, in venues ranging from outdoor track stadiums to college campuses to conference centers. His message of re-inventing fitness, understanding biomechanics, and rethinking pain management has proven to resonate with everyone from athletes, to personal trainers, to chiropractors and physical therapists, to veteran professional sport coaches.

Frequent topics include:

  • Exercise determined by posture
  • Techniques for improving gait and athletic performance
  • Tips and tools for realigning the body for pain reduction
  • Senior strength & conditioning
  • An alternative approach to fitness

All of Rocky’s talks are delivered with energy and wit, drawing on examples from his broad experience as an author and strength & conditioning specialist, stories of pain elimination from chronic and acute sufferers, and lessons learned while mentoring fitness professionals and operating his studio for a quarter century.


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